A volume producer of baked goods needs consistent quality flour

Flour milling expertise to help our customers
Customers expect consistent quality from their favourite bakeries. A baked goods producer cannot afford to experiment with flour mixtures or deal with variations in quality while they have to maintain a frenetic pace in the bakery to keep up with demand.

Our trained experts are always on hand to assist our customers with troubleshooting, developing custom mixes, and develop better production techniques and procedures. Your success is our success, and we have 76 years of experience with flour and the related food industry to make sure you beat your competition.

Modern laboratories for product testing

Al Ain’s modern facilities are well equipped for providing solutions to baking and production problems. The upto-date laboratories are fitted with specialised equipment for testing products and finding answers suited to our customers’ needs.

Quality Control every step of the way

Quality control is at the very heart of what we do. We recognise that maintaining quality at every step of the transportation, storage, milling, packages and handling process is critical to producing a superb end product.

Wherever our parent company found that normal industry solutions were not adequate, and did not conform to our quality standards, they developed new procedures and even expanded Al Hazaa Group of companies to produce the products or service which we found lacking.

Just two examples of this unique way to find new solutions for old problems were the establishment of a packaging business for woven and printed bags, which now serves the international market, and a global company for storage and distribution of raw products.

Perhaps the most famous venture in our single-minded pursuit of excellence, is Al Hazaa’s international partnerships with the manufacturers of the ultimate flour milling machinery. We have long-standing relationships with the Swiss company BUHLER (production plant technology), NEWLONG (Japanese textile and packing machines), HOFFMAN MOTORS (Swiss power generator manufacturers) and STORIVA (advanced Italian bakery machines).