What We Do

We use only the best grade wheat for milling in our modern flour mill to produce a wide range of different flours.

Wholesale operators distribute our flours and flour mixes to bakeries and retailers who bake bread, biscuits, rusks and pastries on a large scale. These fresh products are made and sold every day to millions of people around the country.

Al Ain Flour Mill is perfectly situated to fulfil the high demand for superior quality flours in the UAE market. The international Al Hazaa Group mills produce tonnes of outstanding flour and baking formulations used by retailers across the Middle East, and Al Ain Mill now tailors flour and wheat products specifically for the UAE domestic market.

You can now obtain the freshest ingredients from a reliable local producer with an outstanding track record in producing large quantities of a consistently good wheat flour. Due to our proprietary packaging solution, we guarantee the freshness of our range of 14 products. Have a look at our product range for the perfect solution for your business.

We help local bakeries to produce the best products

In our endeavor to maintain quality at every step of the process, the company offers expertise and facilities in every aspect of the flour milling environment. We provide bulk storage for raw material, and employ modern logistics and transport operations to move material to the industrial facilities. Al Ain Flour Mill benefits from the family’s 76 years of experience in flour milling, and is equipped with state-of-the-art Swiss-made milling, testing and packaging
equipment. We package the produce in our own guaranteed packaging material, and store it in humidity- and temperature-controlled environment until it is distributed to wholesalers and retailers.

We sell and support milling equipment

Our services include a variety of training and support assistance to the hundreds of businesses(downstream
producers) which buy our products and turn it into the fresh and delicious bread, pastries, sweets and specialty baked goods that you purchase from retail stores every day. We are also the licenced distributors of the most exceptional international manufacturers of milling equipment such as BUHLER (Swiss production plant technology), NEWLONG (Japanese textile and packing machines), HOFFMAN MOTORS (Swiss power generator manufacturers) and STORIVA (advanced Italian bakery machines).